With a fervent interest for American war and weapons history, Chris Reeves founded TRIARC in September of 2013. As a former paratrooper, unit 1/505PIR in the 82nd airborne division, Chris’ military service of 14 years included two one-year combat tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Chris was specifically trained and developed a strong talent for problem solving and working with mission specific equipment. Leadership skills were acquired during his deployments to Iraq as Chris was a squad leader and platoon sergeant in the 4th infantry division. Faced with battleground hardships, he had to ‘charlie mike’ (continue mission), many times when challenges seemed insurmountable.
After being wounded overseas and receiving a Purple Heart, Chris retired from the military and remained in Texas to work in the firearms industry. He was finally able to converge all of his values to a specific task: fine tuning the modern AR weapon system. 



TRIARC Systems LLC is a company composed of individuals with various backgrounds of military service. Based on our experience, we understand the need to rely, depend on, and trust issued weapon systems. We admire the role that law enforcement officers fulfill in our community and believe they should never have to second guess the reliability of their equipment. That’s why our mission is to provide tailored solutions and weapons systems for professional end users, especially where it’s needed most—the law enforcement community.