Our mission has always been to provide weapons systems for the professional end user to keep pushing forward. In keep with that mission we want to take a holistic approach and provide the skills along with the tools.The TRIARC Systems Training Project (TTP) will be a network of shooting instructors from various operational backgrounds and shooting styles. The TTP will act as a conglomerate of TRIARC-backed instructors, each with their own training programs, acting as one training entity to provide various training opportunities across the nation. We provided basic/entry level course in the DFW area. Check below for available classes and information. For more advanced courses nationwide here are the instructors we trust and support:
James Kelly – TAFTT www.ettsgunrange.com
William Petty – Centrifuge Training www.centrifugetraining.com
Johnny Primo – Courses of Action www.courses-of-action.com
Jim Smith – Spartan Tactical www.spartantactical.com