TRIARC Systems LLC is a company composed of individuals with various backgrounds of military service. Based on our experience, we understand the need to rely, depend on, and trust issued weapon systems. We admire the role that law enforcement officers fulfill in our community and believe they should never have to second guess the reliability of their equipment. That’s why our mission is to provide tailored solutions and weapons systems for professional end users, especially where it’s needed most—the law enforcement community.


We are honored to be able ot provide a discounted pricing option for all active duty, veteran, and retired millary and law enforcement personnel. You will need to first register an acocunt with our website. Once that has been completed. You can fill out the application below. When you have submitted your application we will verify the information given to us and email you with an update. It is required that you submit a copy of either your ID Card, or DD-214, or any other document that shows your military or law enforcement service. We will then update your account online and notify you via email.

If we are unable to get to your application before you want to make your purchase. Please know that we will gladly rebate your order the 5% that we give our LE/MIL members when your order is placed. Please be sure to submit your order and ID/DD214 to support@triarcsystems.com so that we may process the rebate. We will also make sure to upgrade your account at this time as well.